"Mädchenfußball und Medienkompetenz - Kibera Girls Soccer Academy" war ein Projekt der Stiftung Digitale Chancen in 2013.
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Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

Essensausgabe in der Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

Laborraum der Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

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Internet and computer literacy becomes more and more important also at Kenyan schools and in the near future access to Internet and PCs will become a pre-condition for official recognition of the graduation at KGSA. Internet access is quite cheap in Nairobi, mobile access costs about ten cent per day. New learning offers can thus improve education and the girls will be able to obtain skills they will need for their start in professional jobs.

The Digital Opportunities Foundation will support Kibera Girls Soccer Academy to include the use of the Internet in their curricula by providing training for the educational staff. In addition it is necessary to finance and establish a laptop classroom set. We therefore kindly ask you to donate into our account at Commerzbank Berlin, IBAN DE74 1208 0000 4052b3008b00, SWIFT DRESDEFF120. Donations to Stiftung Digitale Chancen are tax deductable. You will receive a donation receipt for your amount.

Or use our paypal account.